An Emerging Science – 1st School to introduce Nanotechnology at Primary & Lower Secondary Level

We are introducing a theme of nanotechnology for lower secondary tier at Roots International School. Nanotechnology is an emerging interdisciplinary field of science that uses knowledge at the Nano scale which occurs at the scale of atoms and molecules. Since nanotechnology is an interdisciplinary field, it can be incorporated in physical science, chemistry, biology, physics, environmental sciences, and engineering. Nanotechnology offers connections between and among the sciences that will help students to develop an understanding of the relationships between disciplines.It relies on numerous science concepts.

Through rational application of this subject students will begin to understand science concepts and will be capable of performing experiments and seeking information to understand these concepts. After studying this subject, your child will be able to understand the fundamentals of Nanotechnology and its real-world applications. This way your child can make better decisions about his future career development and also contribute to the technology development in our society. Introduction of this subject will broaden students thought spectrum and develop their cognitive skills.

They will have a developed mind set and directions to choose a field to pursue their studies and help them in the decision to opt the right career for their bright future. Besides, we have designed the curriculum that covers a broad understanding of basic sciences relating with engineering sciences and information sciences pertinent to Nano Technology is essential. In view of the importance of Nanotechnology for the future, the primary level teachers or instructors will undertake a dedicated effort to enforce the concept of Nanotechnology provided in the curriculum. nanotechnology has been introduced specially for the purpose of exposing your child to the concept of Nanotechnology as an emerging science.